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Grain Free Shopping List

Get Your Grain Free Shopping List!

Are you ready to test out a grain free diet to see how you improve? This shopping list will help guide you on your journey. As I always say, “what you eat starts with how and what you shop for”. Not grocery shopping (or shopping improperly) is often why many “diets” and new habits fail to succeed.

Grain Free Shopping List Download Here

**I offer customized plans and counseling as well. Always check with your Doctor or Registered Dietitian before making significant changes to your diet.

This grain free diet is not meant to be a fad diet. See my previous post for a full explanation. By now we know that “going gluten free” can help many improve their thyroid function and levels. What we are finding is that there is often cross contamination with wheat and gluten on other grains. There is often molecular mimicry as well. This means that the body detects that you have consumed a grain, but often it gets confused for a gluten containing grain when it is not. Lastly, we are not 100% sure that gluten is what is causing 100% of the inflammation, attack, and sensitivities. It may also be the entire grain which makes eating grains an issue.

Therefore, “going grain free” is meant to be a type of elimination diet. The challenge is to test it out for 3 months, and see how you feel! I recommend keeping a food journal and symptom tracker every day.


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