Here are a list of thyroid educational tools to discover your own pathway to health and wellness!

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  • Vegetable Spiralizer for making vegetable “noodles”
  • Water filter to get rid of any possible toxins! At least get a basic water filter is you are on a budget like the PUR filter. This one is a step up from the PUR and does filter flouride. Most swear by their Berkey filter that gets rid of flouride (an endocrine disruptor). I just have not had the space or budget for one yet!
  • We love our Instant Pot replica: we have a Walmart brand since we got a ridiculous deal on it. So far, so good. If it malfunctions, I suppose we will switch to the Instant Pot.
  • I get many questions about what protein bar to choose for on-the-go. I tend to pick up RX Bars since they are gluten free, made from whole foods (only nuts, dates, egg white, spices–that’s it!!), contain no artificial fillers, and contain a good balance of protein/fat/carbohydrate.
  • Coconut wraps for a bread alternative. These contain turmeric!

Clean Living

Toxin overload may contibute to a sluggish thyroid. Check your products that you use daily, and consider a swap!

  • Flouride free toothpaste!! Tom’s is my absolute favorite.
  • Glass water bottle by Lifefactory to get rid of plastics! I have used this brand for years and years and no breaks!
  • I also love my vacuum sealed Takeya insulated tumbler for home. I finally gave in to the trend and bought one, but I have to say I love it and it has improved my hydration since it keeps things icy cold (and no condensation).
  • I love my little battery operated essential oil diffuser for small spaces like the bathroom, closet, or car! It is super inexpensive and a great way to infuse the air with clean, non-toxic scents. Since it is tiny, it can only be used in small spaces to be able to smell it.
  • Many lipticks can be full of toxic chemicals. Pretty much the only thing I use these days is the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. It is extremely moisturizing and has a nice natural, but noticeable color which I love.
  • Both my baby girl and I love to use this Shea Moisture Body Wash. It is extremely moisturizing and smells heavenly. You can even buy it at Target! It is one of the only products that helps baby girl avoid dry skin.
  • When I want my laundry to smell amazingly fresh, I use this naturally scented fabric softener by Seventh Generation. The smell (lavender eucalyptus) is strong (in a good way!) for when I want the whole room to smell nice after washing. I can feel good about using it since it has less toxic chemicals.
  • I am also obsessed with these Grab Green Lavender Vanilla laundry detergent pods. They smell delightful. When I can’t find this brand, I like the Method laundry detergent pods in Beach Sage.

Best Foods to Buy Organic

  • Dirty Dozen (per the Environmental Working Group) – this updates yearly
  • Clean Fifteen (per the Environmental Working Group) – this updates yearly. Note: corn often is on the “clean fifteen” list, but is often genetically modified. I often recommend trying to purchase organic corn, or limiting corn intake.

Pesticide Free Honey

Find a Healthcare Professional

Lab Testing

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