Best Aluminum Free Deoderant

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I have been trying to clean up my personal care products for a while now. Slowly, but surely, every time I run out of one, I try to replace it with a toxin-free more natural alternative. The problem is trying to find products that are natural and actually work well! I don’t like the idea […]

Top 5 Healthiest Sugars

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Healthiest and sugar should not be two words used in the same sentence! But, I like a little something sweet from time to time, and want to choose something that is going to be a healthier option for me. I have made a little list of my top 5 healthiest sugars. I get questions about […]

Pesto Recipe with Walnuts

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One of my latest recipe videos for an easy basil pesto. In this variation of my favorite basil pesto, I use walnuts instead of pine nuts and lots of fresh basil. If you are dairy free, you can use cashews instead of the romano cheese that I use. Gluten free as well! I like to […]

Turmeric for Thyroid Health

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I have recently begun taking turmeric more consistently in the morning (an hour after taking my thyroid med), and it seems to be helping to reduce some of my usual symptoms! I have more energy, and feel less inflammed in general. I am so excited about my improvements, that I thought I would share with […]

Vitamin C and Thyroid

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Vitamin C is commonly known as the vitamin you take to ward off colds and boost the immune system. Vitamin C is indeed a powerhouse vitamin and can be used to support the immune system. Those of us with autoimmune conditions need just that–an immune system helper! Thyroid hormone also needs vitamin C in order […]