Foods That Cross React with Gluten 3

What do I mean by cross reactivity? I am talking about how some foods other than gluten get confused in the body for gluten! Why does this happen? These food molecules “look” similar to the gluten molecule, and easily get confused in the body. So, if you are trying to avoid gluten to help reduce […]

Grain Free Cookie Recipe

I was looking to make a completely sinless cookie that is also gluten free. Tough idea, but I haven’t eaten cookies in forever since I have been avoiding wheat and cutting back on sugar as much as possible. This “cookie” recipe does not make true cookies–they are definitely more of a health food cookie. Just letting […]

Adrenal Cortisol Testing: Now Available

How Stressed Are You? Low energy? Fatigue? Belly fat? Sleep issues? Hard to cope with stress? These are common complaints of those who suffer from cortisol imbalances. As a Registered Dietitian, adrenal testing is not fully a nutritional service or treatment. However, it is my goal to empower my patients with the most knowledge to be […]

Mobile Nutrition Counseling

Coming Soon this January: Mobile Nutrition Counseling via your phone! Users will have a Registered Dietitian (Nicole) assigned to their personal, private account for daily tracking, feedback and recommendations on your daily diet, 7 days per week. Users will record their diet with the mobile application throughout the day and automatically build a daily profile of […]

Grain Free Shopping List

Get Your Grain Free Shopping List! Are you ready to test out a grain free diet to see how you improve? This shopping list will help guide you on your journey. As I always say, “what you eat starts with how and what you shop for”. Not grocery shopping (or shopping improperly) is often why […]

90 Day Grain-Free Challenge

I got my most recent bloodwork results back, and I am just not seeing the changes that I would like. Maybe I am being too much of a perfectionist, or maybe I know too much now, and want to be my healthiest me. Regardless, I don’t think going gluten free is enough of a diet […]

How to Boost Metabolism with Low or No Thyroid

This is a frequently asked question about thyroid health and nutrition that I get: How can I boost my metabolism when I have very low thyroid function, or none at all? Maybe you have even had your thyroid removed and are struggling with the effects of a reduced metabolism. I will admit: I do have […]

Magnesium: The Missing Nutrient

What does magnesium have to do with thyroid health? It can often be overlooked as the cause of your fatigue or mood swings. Just remember that we need magnesium as much as other minerals since it is involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body! Importantly, a deficiency in magnesium can make it […]

How Gluten Affects Hashimoto’s 2

Avoiding gluten has been implicated in nearly every autoimmune condition. What does this mean? And how does this make sense for Hashimoto’s and the thyroid? These are the questions many have, and most people I come across do not understand why I avoid gluten. They think I am following some crazy fad diet. There is […]

Zinc for Thyroid Health

Today I will be talking all about the mineral, zinc! What does zinc do in the body? Zinc acts as a cofactor for over 100 different enzymes. If you don’t have enough zinc, certain body processes that require those enzyme functions will not work as well. For example, zinc is needed for proper thyroid hormone production. […]