90 Day Grain-Free Challenge

I got my most recent bloodwork results back, and I am just not seeing the changes that I would like. Maybe I am being too much of a perfectionist, or maybe I know too much now, and want to be my healthiest me. Regardless, I don’t think going gluten free is enough of a diet change for me.

When Going Gluten Free Doesn’t Work

Some say that eating gluten free has not worked for them. This could be due to lack of knowledge about what eating gluten free really means, or they are still taking in gluten from cross contamination. And then for others, like myself, you may have to avoid other foods as well to see progress.

According to my MRT test results, I was fairly reactive to 3 grains: quinoa, millet, and wheat. The general rule of thumb is that when you are reactive to 3 or more foods in a group, avoid the whole group (for a few months). Perhaps it is time to follow my own LEAP protocol to the fullest! This is one of the main reasons I am taking the grain-free challenge. If the “healthy” grain, quinoa, is causing inflammation in my body, then what about the other untested grains?

The other main reason is that research has shown gluten free diets should help those with an autoimmune disorder, but some of this research was just done with the whole entire grain, and not just the gluten molecule. So, the theory is: Maybe it is the entire grain that is bad for autoimmune disease. I am not 100% sure on this, but it makes sense.

90 day grain free challengeTake the Grain-Free Challenge!

Not getting better? Have you eliminated gluten or grains yet? Test it out for the New Year with me! I will be posting on my Facebook page for 90 days: tips, recipe ideas, and more.

I am not promoting a FAD diet here. My goal is to educate, and let you make your own choices and decisions. This is meant to be a sort of elimination diet test–I repeat, not a fad diet. The reason going grain-free is not a fad diet is because we are searching for a diet that will improve autoimmune health, and if it does, it may become a lifestyle change.

And always check with your doctor before taking on any significant diet change or medical change in your life.

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